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True Surrealism by Christopher Klim

Jesus Lives in Trenton by Christopher Klim

What happens when people start seeing Jesus on a downtown Trenton billboard? Klim's highly praised and cult favorite first novel is the exhilarating story of tabloid photojournalist Boot Means. He has discovered big trouble in Trenton, but it's his chance to erase his impoverished past as an orphan and launch into fame. Set in the desperate urban landscape of Trenton, NJ, this mainstream social satire delves into the heady world of televangalism and the seamy underworld of cult organizations.


“Understated humor and lack of pretension lend this wry urban fable undeniable charm. ... Klim's lighthearted entertainment possesses genuine heart." - Booklist

“Klim has a colorful past, and it comes to life in the pages of Jesus Lives in Trenton, which has an ear for realistic dialogue and an eye for city grit that would make Dashiell Hammett proud ..." - Philadelphia Weekly

“It all comes together in a compelling and funny new novel called Jesus Lives in Trenton.” - Mark Drucker, KYW News Radio Philadelphia

“The book is indeed a riotously funny, quick read. However, it also works on a deeper level, serving as an allegory about man's thirst for grace in a chaotic world.” - Time Off

“Laden with laughs, insight and an overflowing abundance of literary skill. Amen." - The Boox Review

“The interesting characters, hilarious plot, and believable but humorous dialogue keep the readers turning the pages. ... JESUS LIVES IN TRENTON is delightful.” - Writers World

“Boot Means is no ordinary man. ... Klim drew upon his personal experiences to bring Boot Means to life.” - The Home News Tribune

“With televangelists on the prowl, ex-con ministries and illegal activities possibly surrounding both, Jesus Lives In Trenton brings forth a story that could have been ripped from the headlines.” - BVS Reviews

“Christopher Klim is that rare talent who brings characters and stories that resonate with the working class and excite the sensibilities of literary connoisseurs. Maybe he’s the New Jersey reincarnation of John Steinbeck. More likely he’s destined to become someone quite unique in the pantheon of American novelists.” - Robert Gover, author of One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding

“Christopher Klim gives us a slice of life, complete with funny characters, amusing situations, yet with an underlying theme of melancholy that makes us want to hug this poor little orphan kid who just can’t seem to grow up and get it together. The book can be enjoyed on many levels, metaphors and allegories abound, and the irony revealed at the end allows the true believer a little smile and nod.” - Book Crazy Radio

“[Klim] has managed to stake his claim amid a welter of clever plot twists, machine-gun dialog, and generally amusing scenarios. ... this book was such a damn good read, I'm going to pretend to my editor that it got lost in the mail, and keep this review copy for myself. It'll look good on my shelves. ... nestled snugly in between Seth Morgan's Homeboy and Robert Stone's Dog Soldiers.” - The Circle Magazine

“With the edgy wit of Carl Hiaasen, and the detailed, clear description of Raymond Chandler, Christopher Klim takes us on an accurate, fun, and sometimes scary look inside the newsroom of a small city daily newspaper. Mr. Klim makes us a part of the daily struggle of journalists who must compete in an overcrowded market as their newspapers attempt to redefine their identity on the whims of their readers and publishers. Christopher Klim’s Boot Means’ search for the truth redeems an otherwise dark, brooding, and desperate character. One cannot help but admire him and want him to succeed.” - Trenton Times

“I now regret not reading Christopher Klim's debut novel, Jesus Lives in Trenton, when it was first sent to me in 2002. … Other reviewers have stated that it has a hilarious plot. In fact, Boot is more than a representative of a dying profession. I like the fact that the novel doesn't have a happily-ever-after ending. Boot's eagerness gets him into a world of trouble where he loses more than he gains. … I can't wait to move onto the second Boot Means novel.” - The Word Museum


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