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Christopher Klim

Christopher Klim once worked on satellites for the space program. He was also a photojournalist, an assistant to a master chef, and a journalism professor. He frequently lectures on writing and publishing. He is the chair of The Eric Hoffer Award, one of the leading international awards for independent books. He was the founder and executive editor (2007-2015) of Best New Writing. He was the lead editor for restoring Eric Hoffer's books to print, and the editor for Robert Gover's final trio of books.

“I knew I was going to have an interesting literary life,” Klim says, “when I was mentioned in the first chapter of Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses.”

Klim is the author/journalist of several books, including the novels Jesus Lives in Trenton, Everything Burns, The Winners Circle, and Idiot!, as well as the short story collection True Surrealism. The Book Reporter dubbed Klim "one of the top [novelists] of our day."

The author is currently working on a trilogy of new novels.



Christopher Klim

Christopher Klim has been on the air and in print for both the national and international markets. Here are a few memorable print and radio interviews with the author:

... discussing his current work in progress Lost Mission (audio)

... leading the Robert Gover Tribute at AWP Chicago (video)

... discussing True Surrealism (audio)

... discussing True Surrealism

discussing Everything Burns

speaking with BookMunch

discussing Jesus Lives in Trenton