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True Surrealism by Christopher Klim

Everything Burns by Christopher Klim

Someone is setting the buildings aflame and burning innocent children. Photojournalist Boot Means must stop this killer before he creates his masterpiece fire. With Klim’s trademark city grit and striking scenarios, Everything Burns delves into the psyche of a true pyromaniac for the author’s most suspenseful story yet—a most surprising sequel to Jesus Lives in Trenton.


“Moves smoothly and builds to a surprising climax.” - The Compulsive Reader

"Boot Means is an itinerant journalist on the lam after digging a little too deep on a sensitive story back east. Now he's freelancing in Concho, Texas, eyeing a permanent position on the local paper. He catches the attention of the editor with compelling photos of fire scenes, including one in which two youngsters died. The chief arson investigator takes Boot into his confidence; the fires may have been set by a serial arsonist. Boot writes the story, but he and his source are immediately criticized by the police for creating a potential panic. But the arsonist likes the attention. As he sets more fires, he starts corresponding with Boot. The second Boot Means thriller grabs readers with a solid plot, a unique motive for the killer, and a convincing secondary story involving Boot's attempt to establish a sense of family with his birth father. Absorbing reading". - Wes Lukowsky, Booklist

“A small publisher out of New Jersey has found a gifted novelist.” - Bookviews

“A great mystery/suspense novel. Once again, Christopher Klim has shown remarkable talent for providing human drama and suspense." - BVS Reviews

“Klim is excellent at weaving plot lines. … It's that level of suspense that locked onto me and made me stay up all night reading this intense novel.” - The Word Museum

“Holy smokes! Dark and haunting. And like the smell on your skin when you've been near a fire, the scenes and characters stick with you, smoldering in your thoughts long afterwards...” - Kathye Fetsko Petrie, author Flying Jack

“Klim manages to integrate wisecracking characters and dramatic action without confusing the reader. Though not an easy task, he has employed the same engaging combination of contrasts that we enjoyed in such shows as MASH and NYPD Blue.” - Book Crazy Radio

“Everything Burns is just as good as, if not better than, its illustrious predecessor. … the bullet train of his prose is even slicker and sexier than it was the last time. … I particularly adore above all else in Mr. Klim’s voluminous literary arsenal: his staccato, terse, jerkily brilliant array of dialogue. … I would advise my current audience to run, not walk, to their nearest bookstore.” - The Circle Magazine

“Everything Burns is Klim's second novel featuring Boot Means–raised in foster care, an outsider yet resourceful and wise beyond his years, a unique and potent character who is earning his place in the pantheon of mythic American legends.” - Robert Gover, author Two Brothers


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