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True Surrealism by Christopher Klim

The Winners Circle by Christopher Klim

Striking it rich is as much a part of American folklore as it is the American dream. For unemployed auto worker Jerry Nearing, it's the answer to his prayers, but when he wins millions in the lottery, his troubles have only begun. His life swarms with con artists who kidnap his time and money and just might keep him from recapturing the love of his life. Klim's best comic drama since Jesus Lives in Trenton examines the necessity for love, while poking fun at the many ways to be miserable in the lap of luxury.


"Clever and funny" - Publishers Weekly

"Clearly establishing author Christopher Klim as an author of considerable storytelling talent." - The Midwest Book Review

"Is there no genre this man can't write in? Klim has what it takes to make it onto The New York Times Bestseller List." - The Word Museum

"It starts like the shock of snakebite and reads on like a breeze." - Thomas E. Kennedy, author of The Copenhagen Quartet

"At once ironic and knock-your-socks off hilarious." - Robert Gover, author of One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding

"Mr. Klim has, quite simply, done it again, and my praise sticks in my teeth - you think he'd give a traditionally caustic reviewer a break once in a while! Mr. Klim returns to his home turf of New Jersey to put together an oddly poignant tale of wealth and emptiness, an extended parable about the nature of money in the United States and how it shapes and reshapes our interpersonal connections more than we might wish to guess or acknowledge. This novel is a song sung to the accompaniment of the Invisible Hand playing upon the harp of the heart. ...and due to Mr. Klim's eminent skills of depiction (I like to think of him as a Hogarth of the word kingdom for the twenty-first century), we get to look at it from all angles and hear it in high-impact surround sound. There's even a little O.Henry-style twist further along the storyline, but I will not for the life of me reveal it - it knocked me on my ass with laughter and dismay. Not too many books do that to me, these days. The Winners Circle is eminent social commentary by a man who sees what he looks at. Keep 'em coming, Mr. Klim, keep 'em coming!" - The Circle Magazine

"I may have just found another favorite author." -

"A Roller-Coaster Ride. Great read, couldn't put it down!" - Editor, Simple Things

"It will make you think twice before buying your next lottery ticket." - Virtually Yourz

"Is it possible to be miserable when you're sitting on a lot of money? Yes, indeed! His novel is particularly evocative of his home state, but deals with large themes in a clever and compelling way." - Bookviews


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