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True Surrealism by Christopher Klim

True Surrealism by Christopher Klim

Klim's collection of contemporary short stories, spans the United States and literary conventions: a chef preparing a condemned man's last meal, an abused boy who learns to survive from his dog, a man who witnesses his life spilled upside down, a girl passing through several challenging lives, an engineer pushed outside the blueprint of his life, a husband and wife who shed all to rediscover each other... "Told with the light, deft touch and well tuned dialogue that Klim's readers will be familiar with from his novels'a variety of characters and situations for every taste." - Thomas E. Kennedy, author of In the Company of Angels


"Klim’s narrative voice is unique... haunting and deeply engaging. His dialogue is both sharp and striking... a real treat for the intelligent reader..." - Daniela Norris, The Short Review

"There are arrows of truth and zingers aplenty in this quirky, gratifying and engaging collection. ... winsome and imaginative." -The NJ Star Ledger

"With an artist's eye, Klim gazes, squints, and glimpses at life then records his observations for the reader to ponder and enjoy." - Maggie Harding, The Book Reporter

"Spirited, imaginative stories from a mind that never quits seeing the strange, the ironic, the uncanny in everyday life. If you love an exploration of fresh and divergent ideas on the page, True Surrealism by Christopher Klimis the book to read." - Julie Brickman, author What Birds Can Only Whisper

"We're all just doing the best to increase our odds in life. True Surrealism is a collection of short stories from Christopher Klim who crafts stories of people who can't seem to get anything right, being dominated by all those around them, yet still find success in their own way, and coming to terms with what they are and where they are going. True Surrealism is a fine collection that shouldn't be overlooked, and will entertain and provoke thought." - The Midwest Book Review

"Klim's incisive way of revealing surrealism in everyday life - the fantastic, incongruous, and absurd that too often goes unnoticed - gives this collection of short stories the sparkle of originality. His skill as a writer makes it a swift and rewarding read." - Robert Gover, author One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding

"Klim's stories are compulsively readable, with great heart, and their spirit and power stay with the reader long afterward." - Mary Yukari Waters, author The Favorites & The Laws of Evening


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